Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mainstream Hunks - Gotta Love 'em

Okay, starting off with Jensen Ackles. Just face it, the man i beautiful. Enough said.

Some John Mayer never hurt anyone either. Yes, I find myself just as attracted to him as any other human female in the world. Still doesn't make him less of a douchebag. 

Jude Law. Yes, he cheated on his wife with their nanny. Every teenage girl in the world probably wanted to babysit his children after that.

George Clooney strikes again. He is just a classic, everyone knows that. 

Last but not least - Jake Gyllenhaal. One of my earlier obsessions. He is pretty much the best looking actor (in my opinion). He has big blue eyes and a winning personality. And his body aint bad either. 


  1. and what about Robbert patinson?

    1. let's not get too mainstram, now. :)